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Senior Content Producer:Topper Radio

Updated: Aug 30, 2018

Saint Edward's University's College All Digital Radio Station revamped from the dead in 2013 and now a proud tradition at the Hilltop.

In 2013 I got accepted to join the Hilltop family at Saint Edward's University. I was excited to to learn there but wasn't sure where my new family would be on campus. During my years at Austin Community College I got to know everyone in my department and I was hoping to do the same at Saint Edward's. Luckily I meet a group of students trying to launch a radio station on campus. I knew that was where I wanted to be and thrived. I joined their student organization in 2013 and held a Senior Content Producer position.

How to Revive College Radio

Since 2013 Topper Radio: created a website, a digital broadcast system, a studio, threw events, partnered with the community, become social media gurus, took tons of photos and graphics, and made a new tradition for students.

My tasks while being on staff was to create content for the station as well as on social media. Since this was an all digital radio station, finding an audience would mostly be found within the online community. I built flyers in Photoshop, Canva, and various apps. Each show was responsible for building their social media channels that connected to our website I was also a part of the production team that edited audio and created radio spots as needed. I contributed to the website's blog where I wrote content about local artists and people we partnered within the community. We held a lot of events on campus and also had to fundraise to keep the organization going.

Senior Content Producer

My main job in this position is to make sure the stations show were running smoothly. I made sure the shows were sounding clear and were properly produced. I implemented workshops on how to record and broadcast properly. Since I had a background in audio, I taught basic techniques for using equipment and how to make voice sound audible.

Study and Destroy Radio Show

I am very proud of being able to host my own show for 3 years while on Topper Radio. I had student guests, discussed news, and curated playlists. Having my own show to promote made my social media skills sharper. I made web flyers, live streamed, and tweeted with the best of them. When I interviewed to join the Topper Radio team, I emphasized that I wanted to be the first female punk genre show on campus and in their history. The show was a personal reflect of something I am passionate about and I wanted others to have a place to do the same.

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