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Media Relations: GLORYATX

Updated: Aug 30, 2018

Austin's premiere women's wrestling league and community group.

I meet these wonderful group of ladies when I attended Boss Babes, which is a meetup event for women in creative. While looking for like minded women at this event I meet Esme and Cheryl who shared my love of music, theater, and sport. The rest is history.

In 2016, we built all the following ourselves: a league, a wrestling ring, rad events,merchandise, a brand and a bond.

Since I was not a wrestler myself, I brought the skills I had to the project. I helped raise money through Indiegogo campaigns by building social media plans to get the word out. I suggested utilizing a twitter campaign and developed a posting schedule to expand our audience reach. Our group also had the assistance of photographer, videographer, and graphic designers which made content for us to share. I would help with the release of the content and also helped plan the event announcements.

Key Points

Since our budget was very tight and next to nothing, I wanted to gain as much earned media as possible. My partner Audrey and I wrote press releases to help get the media interested in group. For this project, I had concluded that social media interaction and audience sharing content would be the key to its success. I built our twitter from the bottom up, gained followers, and helped build a better Google ranking. Twitter was a useful platform that I used to interact with followers that had questioned about the event itself and merchandise sizing.

I tried to learn as much as I could about the audience we were trying to gain with through analytics. This was valuable information since I was attempting to retain an audience, find funding, and also keep up the organization's brand. Not all marketing takes place online. When you really believe in a project that means you hang up flyers in town, tell your friends, and work the actual event. This is the project I am most proud of because it meant others got to experience the wrestling limelight.

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